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Café de Paris Presents New Outfit

Superior decoration with variable designs at best quality and price made Pernod Ricard choose CCL Label as supplier for Café de Paris.
Cafe de Paris with decoration produced with ASD technology
Pernod Ricard has decided to move their sparkling wine brand Café de Paris to PSL decoration. The newly outfitted bottles are available since September and will definitely attract attention!
The elegant oval label with its golden elements and fine matt background underlines the product quality. Japan has superior quality standards and being one of the main markets for Café de Paris, the demand for both product and packaging is high.
Moving from wet-glue paper labels to PSL offers dimension and lends a whole new aesthetic to the bottle. Thanks to the half transparent areas as well as matt and shiny contrasts decoration and container become a harmonious entity.
To manage a cost effective but impressing decoration Pernod Ricard chose CCL Label as supplier. With their ASD technology, combining conventional printing techniques with digital in the most flexible way, they offered the ideal solution for this packaging challenge.
In total there are 28 variants of labels to be printed for Café de Paris. There are nearly 30 variants for the 75 and 25 cl bottles – including different fruit images and languages. The variable elements are all printed in inkjet, the constant elements are realized with conventional techniques.
What makes ASD superior to an all-digital printing process is the combination of advantages from different techniques to create the most satisfying result: with digital printing alone the opacity of the white could not have been achieved. Only in combination of both – conventional and digital – could these variable designs be printed with high-end quality.
The labels were printed at CCL Castleford – one out of six locations worldwide with ASD capabilities.

Cafe de Paris with decoration produced with ASD technology