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Corky’s Schnapps Reborn

Corky's Schnapps with Shrink Sleeves by CCL

Corky’s Schnapps Reborn

Corky’s unveiled its new visual identity by launching a range of 5 different schnapps decorated with Shrink Sleeves. The flavours include Sour Apple, Sour Cherry as well as the only glitter schnapps on the market with Blueberry, Mango and Raspberry. To show the fruitiness and playfulness of these exceptional drinks an equally outstanding decoration was chosen.

Corkys Schnapps with Sleeves by CCL Label

The new Corky’s schnapps bottles are decorated with Shrink Sleeves that attract a lot of attention thanks to their vibrant metallic colours. A partition within the sleeves allows consumers to see the glittery liquid sparkle inside the bottles.
Global Brands UK is convinced that the sleeves will make a real impact when displayed on the bar.
The sleeves were printed at CCL Label in King’s Lynn UK with gravure technology.