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Myagkov Vodka Playboy Edition

Myagkov Vodka with Shrink Sleeves from CCL

Myagkov Vodka Playboy Edition

JSC Synergy, a leading spirits producer in Russia, launched a limited edition of their Myagkov Vodka brand. The bottles are graced with 10 alternating remakes of the best Playboy magazine covers since 1960.

Andrey Kukhtin, Synergy Brand Director, summarises the sleeves’ special feature: “A mobile application has been developed especially for this series: brand fans will be able to see the video commercial depicting the process of the shoot of a cover – the one they’ve chosen – upon purchasing the product and scanning the QR code.”

The shrink sleeves are printed at CCL Kontur in Russia. Unique equipment allows the combination of offset and gravure printing in one run. This method helps reducing costs considerably.

“Our combined technology enables us to print several designs in one run, which is ideal for this project, as it requires quick changes of design combinations, comprising a set of most popular ones. This technique is not only profitable in terms of time and resource savings, it also allows to immediately react to clients’ needs to run various promo campaigns”, says Zhanna Suprun, CCL Kontur Development Director.