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Feel The World Of Packaging

Touch me - Feel me! Putting consumers in better “touch” with their packaging.

A Sensory Journey

Connect packaging with a primary driver in consumer choice. The feel and touch of a product assists 25% of consumers in their purchasing decisions. A tactile varnish (soft- or sandpaper touch) suggests a pure and honest product,  which can send us back to emotional memories.

Consumers make a buying decision in a very limited time and mostly without the aid of sales people – they rely on signals to direct them to the products that would best serve their needs such as on-pack communication.

By adding a new emotional driver to your product identity, we unlock access to the major senses – sight & touch.

This kind of paper, natural touch & feel make us smile – feel the world of packaging…


Technology:    UV Flexo, both sides print

Material:          PET film