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Regulated Markets - Packaging
Packaging for Regulated Industries
CCL Healthcare offers supply chain solutions and the complete secure package, from expanded content labels to printed literature and digital folding cartons, all tailored for highly regulated products.
Shrink Sleeve
Tamper Evident Shrink Sleeve
Protecting drugs or medicine with tamper evident seals, bands, or labels is a critical safety measure in preventing the product from being altered, diluted, or replaced with a fake product. With a Tamper Evident Solution, it ensures a last level of defense for the consumers by indicating if the package or bottle has been tampered with or opened.
Multi-Language Booklet Labels
OTC Multi-Language Digital Folding Cartons
Growing regulations, promotions, dual languages, and other factors has demand more out real estate from cartons. CCL has developed new labeling techniques that will be applied directly to cartons to address the growing demand for real estate.
Nutraceutical Labels
2-Ply OTC Label
2-Ply labels are the perfect expanded content labels for displaying directions for use, multi-lingual information, and promotional activities.
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