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CCL Healthcare Digital Printing Evolution
CCL Healthcare is the leader in digital printing for the pharmaceutical and life sciences industries, with more than 13 digital printing facilities (and growing) worldwide utilizing digital printing under cGMP.
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CCL Healthcare Brand Protection Carton
CCL Healthcare is the market leader for brand protection by using multiple layers of security features on your product. We offer a variety of solutions that include overt and covert security features that are all manufactured under a cGMP process with a specialization in Track & Trace Serialization.
CCL Label Gives Back
CCL Label is a company with rich culture and history. Over the years, CCL Label has grown to be the leader in the labeling and packaging industry.
NFC Engagement Pharmaceutical
NFC Changes Consumer Engagement
Brands can create special consumer engagements by programming NFC’s to offer coupons, exclusive advertisement, unique messages, and educational information that will benefit the consumer. Consumers will develop a personal connection to the brand when they are able to have real-time communication that is to their benefit.
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