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Promotions – Connected Packaging

Latest developments enable a whole new dimension of connection between packaging and the digital world.

Packaging is communication

Connected Packaging



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Packaging as a digital tool

A new age of packaging is here where your consumers can interact and immerse themselves in your brand storytelling through Connected Packaging.
CCL is the only global packaging company where you can licence Arilyn technology to power your campaigns with Connected Packaging.



Connected Packaging offers an impressive number of benefits:
  • Virtual Space
    Add virtual reality elements right onto your packaging for consumers to explore
  • Improve Brand Loyalty
    Using Connected Packaging product and packaging are presented in an exciting and positive way which will make consumers want to engage with them more than usual and build brand loyalty
  • Attract More Customers
    By adding augmented reality to the label you can reach even more customers who want to explore what your brand has to offer
  • Stand Out From Competitors
    Augmented reality is fairly new, taking advantage of this technology now will give you a competitive advantage
  • Easy to Implement
    Connected Packaging technology can be directly implemented into your existing design and decoration
  • Easy to Update Content
    Campaigns connected to a special event or promotion can be created on short notice and updates are possible at anytime – you are always in control 
  • Cost-Effective
    There is no need to redesign your packaging to run a Connected Packaging campaign





Arilyn is a globally operating, Finland based creative company that offers all-in Augmented Reality services from consulting, content creation to hosting.
CCL has secured the Arilyn technology, exclusively for labels & packaging – worldwide.

The platform includes:
– Arylin manager creator for publishing AR
– Free Arilyn app
– Arylin bar (browser AR – no app needed)

Customer branded white label versions of the Arilyn app are also available. Our technology is highly flexible and we support any kind of activation – app or browser based.




With their Connected Packaging promotion Aqua d’Or successfully captured young consumers’ attention with a unique experience – right from the product! To promote the new fruity Sparkles range the product’s packaging was equipped with a special feature: By pointing your smartphone at the bottle it transforms into a slot machine before your eyes.



Arla transformed their yogurt and milk packaging into a “portal” for kids – where a team of designed brand characters invites the kids to join a “secret group”. Every day they have a new mission that can be completed with a sustainable action in the real world. Each time the kids scan the packaging and complete a REAL mission in the REAL world, they are rewarded with virtual collectible 3D assets for creating their own personal 3D farm.


The campaign is aiming to enable more than 1 million sustainable actions in the real world in less than 5 months !



No matter which story you want to share with your consumers – CCL has the capabilities and experience to provide you with the ideal decoration solution and technology. The Arilyn app not only provides convenient creation and usage of the content for an augmented reality experience – it offers analysis and easy adjustments to maximise the potential of each campaign.

  • CCL Connected Packaging offers a full-service agency model – from strategy, consulting, storyboarding, creative design, video, sound editing & animation creation, gamification and/or any other talent needed.
  • Our team of multi-talent experts is highly experienced in the field of immersive connected packaging creation.
  • We are used to working directly with the brand, or in collaboration with their agencies – we are experienced in bridging any gaps on the way from idea to execution.
  • Rafi Albo, Head of Connected Packaging in CCL, is a global expert in physical to digital experience marketing and has more than 8 years of experience in connected packaging creation.




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