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Ag & Specialty Chemicals – Valve Labels

CCL's valve labels can be seamlessly integrated into packaging for products such as fertilizer, grass seed, dry chemicals, packaged grains, and much more.

Equalize Air Pressure with Valve Labels

Flexis® Valve Labels from CCL equalize air pressure in flexible packaging for more efficient production and transit, stable pallet stacks, shelf appeal and more.

What is CCL’s Flexis® Valve Label?

  • Pressure Sensitive Label/valve for flexible packaging
  • Equalizes air pressure for stable pallet stacks and shelf appearance
  • Protects package contents from water, humidity, dirt, dust etc.


  • Fertilizer & grass seed
  • Dry chemicals & inorganics
  • Specialty powders & rock salt
  • Packaged grains
  • Animal feed & supplements
  • Pet food

Ideal Usage Guide

Shelf Appeal
Expanded Space
Promotional Capabilities
Valve Labels from CCL


  • Two-way air flow
    • Improves filling efficiency
    • Eliminates “bloated” or “brick” packages
    • Reinflates the package for consistent on-shelf appearance
    • Reduces storage space (improves pallet stacking and stability)
  • Mite resistant
    • Pore size < 20 microns
    • Suitable for dog food, animal feed, rice, etc
  • Low profile
    • Roll stock can be pre-applied with valves
    • No brand owner capital investment required
  • Customizable
    • Printable with customized brand graphics
    • Size and shape can be modified
  • Compatibility with most films
    • Base packaging structure does not need to change, which allows the packager to continue running the film structure that works best on the packaging machinery
  • Standard label applicators
    • Valve is easy to apply and install for either the packager or converter
    • No additional investment in application equipment
  • FDA approved materials
    • Complies with FDA food packaging regulations for direct and indirect food contact
  • Aggressive adhesive
    • Permanent adhesive creates a strong bond between the valve and packaging material


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