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Working with an experienced labeling and packaging manufacturer with the expertise in Biotechnology shows results...

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CCL Healthcare knows Biotechnology.

The biotechnology industry is growing at an annual rate of 11.6% and is estimated to be worth over $414.5 billion by the end of 2017. The U.S. has spent over 26 billion dollars on the research and development of biologics and holds 40% of the world’s patents between 2010-2012. Biotechnology companies are feeling the pressure from companies that copy blockbuster biologics once off patent and sell them for a discounted price.
Its important for biotechnology companies to work with an experienced labeling and packaging partner like CCL Healthcare that has been established in the biotechnology industry for decades. CCL is known for developing custom labeling and packaging solutions to ensure patient safety, protect brands and drive revenue to optimize the impact on the market place.
CCL is able to offer biotechnology companies labeling solutions, cold chain solutions, brand protection, tamper evident seals, supply chain solutions and much more. As a single source solution CCL Healthcare can provide the biotechnology industry complete packaging kits or individual solutions.
A Single Source Solution:
A biotech company is looking for several packaging components for a biologic ready to go to market.
  1. Digital folding carton with serialization for track & trace
  2. Primary label with a temperature excursion indicator
  3. Printed literature for physician and patient information
  4. RFID tags for inventory management
  5. Supply chain solutions
CCL Healthcare has the solution.
The advantages of working with CCL, a true single source supplier, is our ability to provide innovative packaging solutions to clients as a single component or as a kit. This eliminates multiply suppliers, eases the burden on the supply chain, can eliminate steps in the packaging line, reduce the cost, and produce a dynamic packaging solution.

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