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With anti-counterfeit solutions from CCL your brand is fully protected!

The Threat of Counterfeiting

According to the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD), the global counterfeit market is worth approximately $461 Billion dollars or roughly 2.5 % of all global trade. The counterfeit problem is growing at exponential rates with no end in sight. Learn how you can protect yourself, your company and your brand’s reputation/image with CCL.

The internet has revolutionized and redefined how we as humans connect. This digital portal has become an invaluable tool in our daily lives, connecting humans around the globe with the click of a button. It is this connection that provides access to knowledge, products and services of all types from all over the world.
The internet has also profoundly altered our approach to business and commerce. As we become a globally connected community, our individual economies must evolve accordingly via imports and exports. This globally connected community (via the internet) is partially to blame for the exponential increase in counterfeit product manufacturing the past decade.

Do YOU have a Brand Protection Strategy?

With multi-million dollar marketing investments, billion dollar brand images/reputations, FDA regulations and the prospect of potentially costly lawsuits, it is no wonder Fortune 1000 companies, intellectual property owners and governments around the world use some form of anti-counterfeit technology.

Knowledge is power! Understanding your local or global supply chain and identifying susceptible areas of counterfeiting is critical to your strategy’s success. Here are a few questions you should ask when designing your brand protection strategy:
  • Define your Brand Protection Plan and outline its goals
  • Is your brand/product a high value target for counterfeiting? (demand, dollar value, purpose)
  • Determine What is the threat? (i.e. Counterfeit Product, Diversion, Tampering)
  • Where is the threat in the supply chain? Localized (specific country) or global?
  • What areas of your supply chain are susceptible to counterfeiting?
  • How often should you modify your strategy and solutions implemented?
  • If counterfeit products surface of your brand, what is your company’s response?
  • Who is authenticating your product (i.e. Doctor, Pharmacist, Consumer, Distribution Facility)?

CCL Can Help!

Work with CCL to develop a custom Brand Protection Plan tailored to your market, supply chain and geographic area involving:

  • Multiple layers of anti-counterfeit security solutions
  • Tamper Evidence Packaging
  • Serialization with Track and Trace Capability
Contact your local CCL representative to get started on your Brand Protection Strategy today!

Brand Protection Strategy

Developing an effective brand protection strategy will defend against counterfeiting, diversion, obsolescence, and maintain brand integrity. CCL Healthcare has protected brands for decades with custom brand security strategies and security solutions. These systems protect the integrity of brands and defend against grey market activities.


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Overt, Covert and Forensic Solutions

The correct anti-counterfeit technology and implementation program for your specific market is unique and should be customized based on the threats you face.

However, one thing all successful brand protection strategies have in common is they employ “Layers” of protection. Anti-Counterfeit technology can be classified into 3 primary categories: Overt, Covert and Forensic. Within these 3 primary categories, package component modifications can be customized further to add additional layers of protection. Let CCL guide you through the process.

Learn more about Overt, Covert and Forensic Solutions offered by CCL

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