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Healthcare – Cold Chain

Protect cold chain pharmaceuticals and medical devices with CCL's temperature monitoring devices

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Pharmaceutical and Medical device companies risk both their brands integrity and the well being of the consumer when shipping cold chain products without temperature excursion labels.

CCL Healthcare has a solution for our customers with an unbeatable selection of cost-effective temperature monitoring devices for cold chain pharmaceuticals and medical devices. With patient health and safety at the forefront of our priorities, our customers rely on CCL Healthcare to deliver an accurate temperature indicator that is easy to use and available in a wide variety of formats. Our ascending temperature indicators utilize irreversible color change technology when exposed to temperatures above safe levels. By using the melting points of various chemical compounds, CCL’s labels with temperature indicators verify that safe temperature has been maintained throughout the entire supply chain, with reading accuracy within +/-1 C and +/-2 C available. Our temperature excursion indicators can measure temperatures ranging from 25 C to greater than 150 C and come in a variety of easy to read formats.
Key Features:
  • Temperature Range
  • Customizable Range of Temperatures
  • Accurate to +/- 1 C
  • Tested for Conformance to Specification
  • Stability tested beyond 4 years

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CCL Healthcare - Cold Chain

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