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Healthcare – Digital Folding Cartons

Digital offset quality cartons with reduced lead times at the quantities you need.
Cost effectively create prototypes and conduct market tests with variable information.


Digital Folding Cartons from CCL are superior in quality and function with 100% electronic, visual inspection with customizable features such as serialization, track and trace, brand protection, glued inserts and variable printing.

Digital folding cartons have the power to reduce your costs and improve your speed to market. There are no plates to purchase on a digital press, and carton graphics are ready to print almost immediately. Multiple SKU’s can be easily accommodated with little downtime between copies allowing customers to target specific markets or do seasonal promotions. Digital printing means shorter runs become more economical – dramatically reducing inventory costs.
Working capital that was previously tied up is now available for other projects, and inventory obsolescence becomes a thing of the past. Digital printing also means every carton can contain unique graphics and can be serialized. The only constant will be the excellent print quality and service provided by the CCL team. Contact us to learn more about how to unleash the benefits of digital printing for your company.
Features of Digital Folding Cartons
  • 100% electronic visual inspection
  • GS1 serialization and 2D bar codes
  • Automatic pass/fail system
  • Glued inserts
  • Superior quality
Advantages of Digital Folding Cartons
  • No minimum orders
  • Reduce or eliminate inventory
  • Reduce obsolete inventory cost
  • 100% revision control
  • Promotional and targeted marketing runs with no extra cost
Value added features:
Attached Expanded Content Label (ECL)
Meeting the demands for high volumes of content, Expanded Content Labels (ECL) are attached to the outside of the cartons, providing the necessary space for directions for use (DFU), multilingual demands and drug facts.
Cut-Out Window
Carton that features a cut area that allows literature to be glued in place with the SKU facing outward.
Glued Insert
Printed information that is inserted and glued into the carton. This process happens on the printing and die-cut line eliminating a step in the packaging line.
Digitally printed and electronically verified coding or unique IDs which are directly printed onto each carton. (Meets the Drug Supply Chain Security Act.)
Up to 8 lines of characters of validated braille embossing can be added to cartons in-line during the production run.

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GMI Certificate for Digital CCL Montreal
CCL Achieves GMI’s First Digital Folding Carton Press Certification
CCL Montreal is pleased to announce, as of November 2016, our digital folding carton department achieved full certification status with a score of 97% from GMI (Graphic Measures International). This certification is a formal recognition that CCL Montreal's Digital Printing Processes comply with Walgreens PQA (Packaging Quality Assurance) standards and are now a certified brand printer published on the GMI Certified Print Packaging Suppliers list. GMI also monitors PQA programs with private brand customers, providing greater possibilities of expanding CCL's network.
CCL Industries to Acquire Innovia for $1.13 Billion
Geoffrey T. Martin, President and Chief Executive Officer of CCL, said, "This transaction is another transformative acquisition for CCL, propelling the Company to world leadership in the disruptive, fast growing polymer banknote market while strengthening our depth in the materials science arena with proprietary BOPP films technology for the label, packaging and security sectors. We expect to find significant operational, customer and product innovation growth opportunities between Innovia and our end use facing businesses at CCL Label, CCL Design, Checkpoint and Avery. We are very pleased to welcome Innovia's deeply experienced industry people to our Company and look forward to an exciting future together."

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