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CCL Label understands that brand protection, authentication and loss prevention play key roles in today's global marketplace and we want to help you protect your products from counterfeiting and theft.

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Home Care & Laundry companies spend an absorbent amount of money in research and development to bring their products and brands to market – only to be diverted or counterfeited. According to the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD), the global counterfeit market is worth approximately $461 Billion dollars or roughly 2.5 % of all global trade.

Developing an effective brand protection strategy will defend against counterfeiting, diversion, obsolesce, and maintain brand integrity. CCL brand protection for Home Care & Laundry has been used for decades with custom brand security strategies and security solutions. These systems protect the integrity of brands and defend against grey market activities.
With CCL’s specialty printing, your package can be customized with layers of security to deter counterfeiters. Options include printed effects of security inks, holograms, and taggants, all of which are designed to not detract from package design or decorative appearance. Additional protection can be included with tamper evident or tamper resistant substrates.

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