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Pharmaceutical – RFID

Pharmaceutical RFID is an integral part of brand protection and track & trace for inventory management, cost management, and patient safety.

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Pharmaceutical RFID

What is RFID?

RFID is Radio Frequency Identification. RFID at its simplest is use a digital replacement for barcodes. RFID tags contain a microprocessor chip that has a unique identification number called a UID that is secured. The UID gives the ability to track products, medicine, specimens, or device throughout its life cycle. The microprocessor chip also enables encoding. Encoding can be as simple as adding the name of the product, the lot number, and expiration date. To more complex encoding that enables a diagnostic machine only to work when it recognizes a cartridge with the specifically encode information on it to operate.

What is RFID used for?

The most common use for RFID tags are used to track and identify pharmaceutical products through the supply chain, enable inventory visibility and replenishment, and provide real-time locations of assets.

Advantages of RFID over Barcoding

The major advantage to using an RFID tag vs a barcode is in scenarios where tracking several hundreds to hundreds of thousands of units is applicable. The wireless functionality allows for a reader to interrogate inlays that are out of the line of sight such as pallets, boxes, or where an entire pharmacy stores inventory needs to be counted quickly and accurately. The use of RFID tags can save a significant amount of time and money providing a quick analysis of stock levels and or can add or subtract inventory as they are being shipped or received by the use of gates or overhead readers. There are hundreds of applications for RFID and the uses grow by the day. Below you will find several case studies.

What sets CCL Apart?

CCL is uniquely positioned to convert and encode RFID Inlays into finished labels in a cGMP environment. CCL has Invested in state of the art converting and encoding equipment along with software to ensure the not only the quality of the label but the functionality of the RFID tag. Our RFID enabled labels go throughs the industry’s most rigorous inspection system with a second redundancy inspection to flag and replace any non-functional RIFD labels.

Why use CCL on your next RFID project?   

CCL works with the industry leaders in the development of new RFID tags, inlay sizes, software and systems integrators to ensure the successful launch of your next RFID project. CCL has invested heavily into highly trained personnel and new state of the art equipment. With our skilled staff we are able innovate not only at the product level but at the machinery level modifying equipment to push the boundaries to achieve what was once not possible yesterday to the what is possible today.

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