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With anti-counterfeit solutions from CCL your brand is fully protected!


One of the 3 components in a complete Brand Protection program is securing the product itself. Protecting drugs or medicine with tamper evident seal, bands, or labels is a critical safety measure in preventing the product from being altered, diluted or replaced with fake product. In worst cases, the altered product could cause illness or even death. With a tamper evident solution it ensures a last level of defense for the consumer by indicating if the package or bottle has been tampered with or opened.

The more valuable your product is the more likely a thief will attempt to compromise it and the more time they will take to do so. They use things like heat guns, paper clips, solvent and persistence to gain access to your packaging. A standard pressure sensitive label will NOT protect your product from unwanted access.
The best labels for tamper seals are those that have a very aggressive adhesive, or are frangible or ideally both. Intentional cuts can be added to the label to make removal even more difficult, we call these “tamper slits”. At CCL we have a wide variety of materials to fit these criteria. Some are clear, some are opaque and others contain additional features as part of an authentication program (see below).


Materials include light weight litho paper, destructible polypropylene, acetate, vinyl, polyolefin.

Tamper seals can also be made with a human readable message such as “OPENED” or “VOID” when removable is attempted. These can be made with stock materials from pressure sensitive material suppliers or for added security they can be customized in house by CCL.

Overt, Covert & Forensic Security Features

Overt, Covert and Forensic security features can be added to tamper seals. These features include:

  • Taggants
  • Holograms
  • Color Shift Ink
  • Luminescent Ink
  • Thermochromic Ink
  • Serialized Codes
  • Coin Reactive Ink
  • Metachromic Ink
  • Invisible Codes (revealed with a lens or smart phone)
  • Micro Dots
  • Micro Text
  • DNA
Contact the CCL experts for everything you need to implement effective tamper seals on your product.

Brand Protection Strategy

Developing an effective brand protection strategy will defend against counterfeiting, diversion, obsolesce, and maintain brand integrity. CCL Healthcare has protected brands for decades with custom brand security strategies and security solutions. These systems protect the integrity of brands and defend against grey market activities.

Shrink Seal

Healthcare Shrink Sleeves

Overt, Covert and Forensic Solutions

The correct anti-counterfeit technology and implementation program for your specific market is unique and should be customized based on the threats you face.

However, one thing all successful brand protection strategies have in common is they employ “Layers” of protection. Anti-Counterfeit technology can be classified into 3 primary categories: Overt, Covert and Forensic. Within these 3 primary categories, package component modifications can be customized further to add additional layers of protection. Let CCL guide you through the process.

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