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Specialty Products – Valve Labels

CCL’s Flexis® Valve Labels degas or equalize air pressure in flexible packaging.


Flexis® Pre-Oiled Valve Labels allow you to deliver the highest quality coffee, while minimizing your production time, environmental footprint and cost.

Flexis® coffee packaging valves preserve the freshness of roasted coffee by letting gas out but not oxygen in. They simplify the packaging process by eliminating a step in the normal packaging operation with ordinary valves.
  • One-way valve without any atmospheric contamination
  • Preserves organoleptic properties
  • High-speed valve application allows for improved processing speeds
High Quality
Pre-Oiled valves protect coffee from oxygen with one-way, multi-layer valve design
Environmentally Friendly
90% less plastic than button valves
Cost Effective
30% cost advantage over button valves, the most cost effective way to produce quality coffee

Labels from CCL get results!

Customer Satisfaction
Return on Investment
CCL Flexis Coffee Valves

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Valve Labels in Other Markets

Degas or equalize air pressure in flexible packaging with CCL’s Flexis® Valve Label. See how you can protect your package contents!

Valve Labels are pressure sensitive labels for flexible packaging that degas as well as equalize air pressure for stable pallet stacks and shelf appearance. They also protect package contents from water, humidity and dust. Some other applications for valve labels include fertilizer & grass seed, dry chemicals & inorganics, specialty powders & rock salt, packaged grains & animal feed, and pet food.

Valve labels protect Ag & Specialty Chemical products!

Learn more about the benefits of using CCL’s Flexis® valves on your agricultural chemical and lawn & garden products.

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