CAN 2.0

Amount of beverages in cans is projected to grow in the coming years, with further increases in variety and complexity. So, what is the ideal decoration technology for cans if brands want to combine flexibility and efficiency?

Packaging and Design Flexibility – Direct Printing requires high order numbers

Direct print on a can requires significant order quantities, which exceed the volumes of small beverage manufacturers or seasonal products, of which we see more and more. These companies are looking into alternative decoration solutions that allows them to stay flexible. A great solution is to purchase unprinted cans and apply Shrink Sleeves or Pressure Sensitive Labels (PSL). Using Sleeves or PSL to decorate the can also brings printing technologies to the table, that will maximize the attractiveness of the can. Special effects e.g. luminescence, thermochromic inks, matt/gloss varnish and many others can be integrated to the label. Digital printing enables the decoration of each can with unique designs and/or variable data in a very cost-efficient way. This also make the can an ideal solution for smaller seasonal or promotional runs. This opens up many unique possibilities when decorating the can so that it stands out on the sales shelves!

Supply Chain and Stock Efficiency 

Decoration with Shrink Sleeves or PSL provides huge flexibility throughout the supply chain and simplifies stock management.
• Fast – by utilizing Shrink Sleeves or PSL, it is possible to have the project completed in a few weeks
• Short lead times, – get the product on the sales shelves quicker
• Less warehouse space is needed for pre-printed cans
• Less risk of having obsolete designs on stock – use Shrink Sleeves co re-brand existing inventory
• Less working capital

Sustainability – Can are widely recycled

Aluminum cans are a great choice if you want more of your containers to be recycled. Special decoration materials allows for normal recycling of the aluminum can which very widely recycled in most countries. Aluminum is a 100% recyclable and sustainable material and nearly 75% of all aluminum ever produced is still in use. Recycling aluminum saves over 90% of the energy needed to make new aluminum***. Neither Sleeves nor PS Labels cause problems in the recycling stream.

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***Source: European Aluminium 

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