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CCL Promotions Group is an industry-recognized leader in creating successful promotions, interactive games, contests and sweepstakes that spur immediate sales & add an element of fun to your products. We offer a variety of exciting extras such as online games with unique codes, Scratch & Win, secure pouch and more. Take advantage of our in-house innovation & expertise to gain strong returns on your promotional investments.


Promotions – Games & Sweepstakes
Games & Sweepstakes

CCL Promotions Group offers a wide variety of games including pull & win, scratch & win, collect & win, interactive online games, sweepstakes and more. Give your products the boost they need to drive sales and online traffic with the help of CCL’s promotions and games.

1 April, 2016 in  Promotions
Promotions – Expanded Content Labels
Expanded Content Labels

CCL Promotions Group is an industry-recognized leader in Expanded Content Labels. We solve unique labeling problems. Let us customize a solution for you.

24 May, 2016 in  Promotions
Promotions – Instant Redeem Coupons
Instant Redeem Coupons

Encourage repeat purchases or cross-promote other brands – all while setting your products apart from those of competitors.

24 May, 2016 in  Promotions
Promotions – Interactive Premiums
Interactive Premiums

Creative and innovative “hands-on” fun that boosts sales.

24 May, 2016 in  Promotions
Promotions – Product Sampling
Product Sampling

CCL Label offers a revolutionary solution for effectively delivering products to the market – the Product Delivery System (PDS).

24 May, 2016 in  Promotions

Recent News

Sleeves for cans from CCL
Breakpack – a Real Brand Experience
One of the most exciting recent marketing promotions was the Breakpack, created by Rivièra Product Decoration. The Breakpack is a real brand experience for the consumer and ideal for sharing with a friend! In the supermarket, Breakpacks are real eye-catchers and sold from individual displays.
Match & Win Game from CCL Promotions
Retail and CCL: The Perfect “Match”
The customer is the most important person in your business. Engage them. CCL understands what makes retail consumers tick and the challenges that retail sales face. Some of those challenges prompted the design of the new “Match & Win” game.

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