You can trust the unique needs of your product and standards of your industry will be met by the quality expectations, premium service, and innovative label solutions offered at CCL.

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ISO–Compliant Locations

International Organization for Standardization (ISO) is a quality management standard to prove organizations provide the products that meet certain criteria. Within our organization, several CCL facilities have achieved ISO certification – the highest standard of manufacturing efficiencies – meaning we can quickly produce the highest-quality, cost-effect labels for your products. Contact your CCL representative to find out which manufacturing locations are ISO-certified.

UL-Certified Labels

Underwriter Laboratories (UL) are the most widely used certifications to demonstrate your products have been tested to applicable standards. CCL is an Authorized Label Supplier, meaning we can print the UL Mark. The UL Mark is an internationally recognized stamp of quality. Your UL Certified products need to have the UL Mark on the label. As a UL Authorized Label Supplier, you know and trust CCL prints your UL label with a verified and trusted quality and manufacturing process.

GMI-Certified Labels

Graphic Measures International (GMI) certification is a global leader in packaging quality services, holding packaging suppliers accountable to established brand owner color standards. These standards ensure printers deliver consistent results. GMI certification helps control the variables and ensure exact color matching for your brand integrity. CCL works with major retail companies around the world to establish processes, guidelines, and checks to ensure they receive a perfectly branded label.

Quality commitment: what can we do for you?

Our Commitment to Quality

CCL is constantly innovating and investing in quality equipment to print and create the highest quality labeling and packaging for our customers. As the global leader in premium packaging, we expect premium results from ourselves by implementing strict quality processes in order to print premium labels for you. Investing in premium quality allows us to provide premium services to our customers.