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CCL Label offers a revolutionary solution for effectively delivering products to the market – the Product Delivery System (PDS).

This packaging solution allows distribution of actual products or single samples plus informational materials such as printed leaflets or Instant Redeem Coupons (IRC).

Available in a variety of constructions, these pieces are perfect for promoting new products and cross-branding existing products to boost sales.

Neckhanger PDS

Not only can CCL’s Neckhanger deliver product samples, but it can also be used as an eye-catching promotional tool for extending marketing messages to your customers. Add an Expanded Content Label (ECL) to feature a special offer, cross-promotion, new product launch, or simply drive web or social traffic.

Encapsulated Pressure Sensitive Label PDS

The Encapsulated Label fully encases a leaflet and/or product sample in a durable, clear pouch, providing protection against harsh conditions and contaminants. This construction is perfect for in-packs or out-packs with the ability to incorporate a booklet plus a premium.

Folded Card PDS

The Folded Card delivers product directly to the consumer with this convenient, stand-alone package. The informational booklet and overall design are fully customizable to meet individual needs. This piece is great for reducing packaging components, cross-branding, promotions and single-use products.


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