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Games & Sweepstakes from CCL spur immediate sales and add fun to your products.

Give your products the boost they need to drive sales and online traffic with the help of CCL’s promotions and games!

Scratch & Win

This scratch-off construction is perfect for hiding variable data associated with your game, and can be used as a single hand-out piece or inside other vehicles.

Match & Win

The consumer can match icons, numbers, etc. to receive instant prizes, store discounts, fuel points, and countless other rewards.

Pull & Win

Pull & Win games are perfect for instant win promotions and are fully customizable to fit specific needs.


This 3-in-1 label includes an instant chance to win (scratch-off), online chance to win (unique code) and an Instant Redeem Coupon (IRC).

Red Reveal

This collectable piece consists of a colored film that decodes a message online or on package.

Secure Pouch

This fun and secure construction must be cut open and can deliver games, coupons and more.

Collect & Win

This game encourages repeat purchases and consumer trial plus it’s a great way to create extended brand awareness.


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