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CCL EcoStream® Labels

The revolutionary EcoStream® labels by CCL enable ideal bottle-to-bottle recycling of PET bottles.

Thanks to the clean separation of label and PET flakes raw materials can be returned seamlessly into the recycling stream ensuring complete reuse. EcoStream labelling technology helps maximize both the yield and quality of the B2B recycling stream.

CCL‘s EcoStream labels are not only ecologically beneficial – they also offer complete design freedom: whether clear, opaque or with premium finish – almost anything is achievable! EcoStream labels completely eliminate contamination issues that can be caused in the recycling stream by permanent PSLs.

EcoStream SP:

This is the further developed version of our floatable low-density EcoStream label range that was especially developed to support PET recycling. This label has now been optimized to be able to be applied to freshly blown PET bottles and tolerates shrinkage afterwards. As the other EcoStream versions, the label automatically detaches during the recycling process and takes all adhesives and ink with it so there is no contamination of the washing water.

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