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EcoCrys™ Crystallisable PET Shrink Sleeve

APR, the Association of Plastic Recyclers, recognised on the CCL Label’s EcoCrys™ crystallisable PET Shrink Sleeve Label as meeting or exceeding the voluntary APR Design® PET-CG-02, Critical Guidance Protocol for Clear PET Articles with Labels and Closures. This APR recognition is based on the technical recyclability of the decorated label innovation with PET bottles.

Technical Details:

  • Modified PET label flake can be recycled
  • No additional equipment needed for recyclers
  • High Shrink rate
  • Compatible shrink force
  • Washable Shrink Sleeve Ink
  • Superb clarity
  • 360 graphic space
EcoCrys™ Crystallisable PET Shrink Sleeve

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