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Shrink Sleeves visualize the values of the contents of a bottle – class, power, freshness or innovation. Unconventional bottle shapes grab consumer attention, communicate the brand positioning and trigger additional purchase. The Sleeve fits perfectly and gives your product the maximum shelf stand out – brilliance that catches the eye and lets your brand shine.

Benefits of Shrink Sleeves:

• PREMIUM LOOK underlines product quality

• FLEXIBLE: decoration fits (nearly) all kinds of shapes and materials

• RESISTANT to scuffing, humidity and dirt

• PROTECTIVE: shield surface of product

• COMMENDABLE: no color migration

• PREVENTIVE: opaque foils (eg. 3FWhite) protect product from light

Exquisite looks are achieved by using graphic brilliance combined with tactile effects. Shrink Sleeves offer filling resistance and flexible adaptation for the most difficult shapes. Perfect distortion is guaranteed, even with challenging designs, achieving your optimal brand approach.

CCL offers shrink sleeves in full body prime labels, tamper evident bands and promotional multipacks or on-packs. Innovative combination printing offers metallic, surface print options for eye catching graphics.

Let CCL assist your next shrink project with engineering support from template to application.


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