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CCL Promotions Group is an industry-recognized leader in Booklet, or Expanded Content, Labels (ECL).

Promotional Expanded Content Labels (ECLs) are constructed as a multi-ply label or booklet label, which combines a Pressure Sensitive Label and a folded or bound outsert. ECLs offer such benefits as increased space for Instant Redeem Coupons (IRC), mail-in rebates, regulatory information and cross-promotional literature.

ECLs are adaptable to virtually any container, offer tamper-evident devices and reseal features for repeated reference, and are typically custom designed to meet the specific needs of a product.

Folded Leaflet

Folded leaflets are constructed from a single sheet of paper and are suited for rebates, cross-promotions and coupons.


Multi-Ply labels consist of two or more layers printed on both sides and are perfect for solutions that require a slim profile and repeated use.


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