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Battery Labels

Our Battery labels meet all the market-specific requirements and ensure persistent and reliable product quality. The technical functions of the batteries are the main focus of attention:

  • Maintaining technical functionality thanks to special properties of the label material
  • Special layers of film protect battery from abrasion, scratches and secure insulation
  • Non-conductive inks prevent short circuit of battery
  • Labels are resistant to acids and brines
  • No overlap bonding
  • Optical features such as outstanding brightness and ideal ink coverage
  • High performance adhesive designed to optimize label application processes and survive harsh environmental conditions
  • Meet the demands made by our customers to a full-scale extent

Battery Labels with Power Testing Capability

CCL’s offers highly engineered functional battery labels with calibrated Test and Display technology.

Multi-layer Power Test labels include printed circuitry and are manufactured with industry-leading control for reliable product performance. Power Test labels create unique opportunities for increased consumer interaction, product differentiation, and brand loyalty.

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