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In-Mould Labels (IML) from CCL offer flexibility in color and printing processes and are adaptable to uniquely shaped containers. IMLs are strong and durable, standing up to both rough handling and shipment-induced scuffing.

In-Mould Labels (IML) are a pre-decoration technique for injection and blow moulded containers. Labels become part of the finished pack during the production process and are highly durable plus scratch-resistant. IMLs are an excellent option for product lines that are placed in wet environments.

The label serves as the integral part of the final product, which is then delivered as pre-decorated item.
Because this pre-decorating technique creates labeled inventory and other unique challenges, CCL can help evaluate your needs to determine what kind of decoration best fits your product.

Benefits of IMLs

• Durable and light weight
• High-quality graphics
• Eliminates extra labeling step


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