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Pressure Sensitive Labels (PSL) offer limitless design possibilities.

Numerous materials, embellishments, promotional, and functional feature capabilities makes PSL an effective marketing tool. Whether paper or synthetic – the choice of substrates is immense. Besides coated, uncoated, textured and metallized films there are clear or opaque options available.

Thanks to state-of-the-art equipment and ongoing investments we can offer various printing technologies which include gravure, screen, flexo, combination, digital and offset.

A small selection of possibilities with PSL:


Material and adhesive are highly transparent so that only the printed graphics and text are visible on the container. Thanks to combination printing tactile effects can be added. A cost-effective alternative to direct printing.

Tactile & Scent

Outstanding tactile effects can be achieved through screen printed inks or special varnishes. Surface effects from silky soft to rough can be created. Lettering or structures can be highlighted with screen printed inks for a 3D look and feel. These effects give consumers a haptic experience – in combination with scented varnishes you can even activate three senses with one label.

Warnings, symbols and braille can be printed with tactile effects as well.

Metallic Effects

Metallic effects can be used for the whole label as well as partially to highlight certain areas. Metallized materials (paper or foil) are the first choice for large-area effects. Clever overprinting with opaque colors can also be used to insert non-reflective areas (for example for a barcode). For partial effects hot and cold foil are the perfect choice. This process allows for elegant design elements in shiny metallic colours.


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