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Instant Redeem Coupons (IRC) from CCL drive sales by offering value and incentive.

Encourage repeat purchases or cross-promote other brands – all while setting your products apart from those of competitors.

Folded Leaflet IRC

These leaflet-style booklet labels can unfold into a long strip, map-style page, or multi-page book and are easily removable from base material.

Neckhanger IRC

Used as a vehicle for a product sample coupled with a coupon, a Neckhanger is the perfect way to get noticed and cross-promote products across your line.

Dry Peel IRC

Dry Peel Labels are multi-ply labels that adhere directly to products.  When the top layer (redeemable portion) is peeled off, no adhesive residue remains.

Sealed Coupon IRC

The Sealed Coupon construction consists of a fully encapsulated leaflet, booklet, or even product sample/coupon combination. The durable, clear pouch ensures that the coupon stays with the product until time of purchase and also provides protection against harsh conditions and contaminants.


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