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The Shrink Sleeve from CCL are an adaptable and flexible labeling option for slightly to highly shaped containers. They permit a 360° degree decoration from top to bottom.

Shrink Sleeves are great for the home and laundry products with the reverse printed graphics protected from the contents. Create value-added promotional packaging combining product samples, bonus packs or incentives.
Achieve the highest on-shelf impact for your brand with the optimum solution in visual, sensual and premium decoration. Premium printing quality due to offset/gravure combination printing technology.


  • Enough space for your brand message
  • Numerous embellishments and special features available (varnishes, window effect, …)
  • Resistant and durable due to reverse print
  • Suitable even for unusual container shapes
  • Ideal for multipacks  (e.g. for 1+1 promotions or product sampling)
  • Tamper evidence through sleeve over closure
  • UV protection
  • Sustainable TD sleeve material ECOFLOAT ™ available to meet recycling targets

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