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Home Care & Laundry Expanded Content Labels from CCL offer more information than the conventional label type.

The Expanded Content Label (ECL) can be a 2-ply drug facts, multi-ply or booklet label. The design makes it ideal for directions for use, informative labeling, multilingual information and various promotional activities.

Types of Home Care & Laundry Expanded Content Labels:

Multi-Ply ECL Labels

Resealable with a multi-ply construction and low profile design. Up to five printable surfaces. Commonly used as part of a product’s primary packaging and ideal for uniquely shaped containers or limited labeling areas. Excellent solution for products that require few pages of information.

Folded Leaflets

Easy-open tab and reseal feature allow for repeated use. Widely used in expanded content labels and instant redeem coupons that require few pages. Can unfold into a long strip or map-style page and the leaflet may permanently remain on the package or be completely removable.


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