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Special Effects from CCL can be bright and bold or just a subtle shimmer.

Give labels eye-catching visuals with the illusion of depth and movement through our fully customizable pressure sensitive labels. These special effects, such as bright iridescent shimmers, glitter, 3D visual motion, customized lens and engraved patterns, grab the attention of the consumers. Some of our features include:

  • Holographic Effects
  • Iridescent Effects
  • Glitter Effects
  • 3D Visual Motion
  • Deep Lens
  • Tactile Effects

CCL has the options to give you just the right amount of sparkle. Are you looking for a registered pattern, graphic highlight, overall sparkle or even a custom hologram? We can achieve the holographic look you want through transfer, material or print technologies with many patterns, colors and options available.

Contact us to discover the perfect special effect for your product needs.


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