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We provide both Clinical Booklet Labels and Conventional Clinical Labels. While our Clinical Booklet Labels are typically used when conducting global clinical trials, our Conventional Clinical Labels are normally used for single language studies. Here are some of the most common labeling solutions that we can provide:

  • Single-Panel Labels—These labels can be used on any type of clinical dispenser and on any packaging level within the study design.
  • Multiple-Panel Labels—Each removable panel can be used to comply with the requirements of the protocol, whether it be a casebook or a dosing verification.
  • Blinded Labels—Blinded labels include a section with unblinding information that is masked with a tamper evident scratch-off laminate. When necessary, the laminate surface can be scratched off to reveal the treatment data.
  • Slope-Cut Labels—This type of label features an adhesive area affixed to the vial up to the full labeling height but then has a taller larger segment that rises above that section to place additional text when required.
  • Tube Labels—Utilized when product is administered in tubes and must be covered up to blind the pre-printed copy on the tube itself.
  • Treatment Unblinder Reports—Used when it is necessary to have the ability to unblind a subject in your trial design. These reports list the primary clinical dispenser identification data as well as the actual blinded treatment associated with each dispenser.

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