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At Clinical Systems Inc., our primary mission is to provide you with ready-to-apply clinical labels for all of your trial requirements. Producing your unique clinical labels requires a special combination of technical prowess, well integrated quality systems and an experienced and knowledgeable staff. Critical to our process is the utilization of ClinPro/LBL, a part of our suite of proprietary software systems.

ClinPro LBL—Clinical Label Generation System

ClinPro LBL is the most sophisticated tool in the industry for creating computer generated clinical labels. The system creates computer models of clinical protocols that integrate the label designs, drug products and lots, patient and material randomizations, regimens of therapy and packaging hierarchies into a comprehensive database structure. From these models the user can provide the required data to the client for approval and control the status of the various entities within the system to protect and secure the database elements from change. Once models are approved and protected, the system then controls the entire label generation process with generation specifications that link all of the entities for each clinical scenario. Any sequence or packaging method can be supported by the system.

The Most Demanding Industry Standards

Few business environments have the demanding standards as in the production of clinical labels. Every drug trial is unique, often with challenging time constraints and always with zero percent tolerance for errors. The data appearing on clinical labels must be completely accurate, each and every time. Considering what the consequences would be if inaccurate labeling misdirected treatment in some way, it makes sense to take every precaution available and work with one of the most reliable partners in the industry. Clinical Systems, Inc. sets the standard for accuracy and customer service.

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