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Ag & Specialty Chemicals – Expanded Content Labels

The chemical industry plays a key role in our world. Since chemical technologies have evolved over the past century, regulatory requirements and product complexity have changed as well. The need to provide more information is critical. CCL Label’s global presence allows us to provide basic and unique labeling solutions to our customers. This expansive and universal approach equips CCL to meet your global chemical printing needs.


Changing regulatory requirements and the need to inform consumers of critical information drive the need for expanded content in labels. Multilingual content allows you to reach a global audience.

CCL is the leader in the Agricultural Chemical and Lawn & Garden industries and understands those unique market and regulatory demands.
The Expanded Content Label (ECL) contains more area for information than an ordinary label. ECLs are constructed as a multi-ply label or booklet label, which combines a Pressure Sensitive Label and a folded or bound outsert. ECLs offer such benefits as increased space for regulatory and multilingual information, adaptability to virtually any container, tamper-evident devices and reseal features for repeated reference.
ECLs also enhance the value of your product line by providing multilingual translations, Instant Redeem Coupons (IRC), online rebates, regulatory information and cross-promotional literature. ECLs are typically custom designed to meet the specific needs of a product. Contact us today and let us customize one for you!f

Types of ECLs Available:

  • Multi-Ply
  • Folded Booklet
  • CanWrap Plus
  • EcoSlim
  • Multi-Wrap GHS
  • Multilingual

Contact us for all available regulatory information ECL options and solutions!

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Duplex® Multilingual Expanded Content Labels (ECL) from CCL

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