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Beverage – Sustainability Labels

CCL's Sustainability Labels offer a more eco-friendly option for creating great-looking labels for your packaging.

Sustainable Solutions

CCL is proud to introduce EcoStream®, EcoSource® and EcoSolve®. By combining the advantages of Pressure Sensitive Labels with the newest ecological developments, CCL Label has created decorations that are both attractive and environmentally sustainable.



The revolutionary EcoStream labels by CCL enable ideal bottle-to-bottle recycling of PET bottles.

Thanks to the clean separation of label and PET flakes raw materials can be returned seamlessly into the recycling stream ensuring complete reuse. EcoStream labelling technology helps maximize both the yield and quality of the B2B recycling stream.
Meets critical guidance from EPBP and APR

Meets critical guidance from: EPBP and APR

CCL‘s EcoStream labels are not only ecologically beneficial – they also offer complete design freedom: whether clear, opaque or with premium finish – almost anything is achievable!

Labels from CCL get results!

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CCL Beverage Sustainability Product Group
EcoStream labels completely eliminate contamination issues that can be caused in the recycling stream by permanent PSLs.
EcoStream Advantages:
  • Labels shrink in hot washing bath and detach from the PET flakes without leaving traces of ink or adhesive behind (No contamination and discolouration of the washing bath or PET flakes!)
  • Label flakes float to the surface, which enables an easy separation of materials
  • Adhesive stays on labels during the recycling process, which will not reattach themselves to the bottles or flakes
  • EcoStream Labels can be removed in conventional industrial recycling units


Biobased Label

The EcoSource label consist of components with up to 94% biological share. Instead of using fossil raw materials its components are made from renewable resources. The processability and clarity of the chosen bioplastics and biobased adhesives guarantee secure performance and premium appearance.
EcoSource Advantages:
  • Made of up to 94% renewable resources
  • Minimal share of fossil materials
  • No limitations to label performance or appearance


Ecological Trailblazer

EcoSolve labels are biodegradable and compostable. Therefore they are the ideal solution for ecological containers such as bottles made of PLA. The ecological composition is suitable for conventional printing technologies. With its outstanding characteristics EcoSolve is a decisive step towards the next level of green packaging.
EcoSolve Advantages:
  • Made of compostable components
  • Straightforward conversion using conventional printing techniques
  • Ideal for compostable containers
  • No limitations to label performance or appearance

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