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Tubes – Earthtube (PCR)

CCL is the leader in eco-friendly tube packaging. Our Earthtube uses up to 70% Post Consumer Resin.


Earthtubes from CCL are the way of the future. Through strenuous R&D and manufacturing trials, CCL Tube has continued to increase the amount of Post Consumer Resin used in the tube sleeve and commercialized its use for the tube head — an industry first.

Our unique three-layer extrusion process isolates the Post Consumer Resin layer between the inner and outer Virgin Resin layers, preventing contact with the tube’s contents.

By using multi-layer extrusion, more marketers are able to use the PCR tube; especially those whose products might interact adversely with recycled materials.

This layered approach ensures the accuracy and acceptance of high-end decorating and labelling.

Labels from CCL get results!

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Earthtube (PCR) from CCL Tube

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