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Multipacks offer a connection between two products that benefit from each other. Profit from a visual and functional added value while using Multipacks for your product. Here are some of the key advantages of using multipack sleeves:

Product bundling
Multipack sleeves allow multiple products to be bundled together, creating a convenient package for consumers. This bundling strategy is commonly used for items like beverages, snacks, toiletries, and household products. It increases product visibility, improves shelf presence, and enhances overall product appeal.

Cost-effective packaging
Multipack sleeves provide a cost-effective solution for packaging multiple items. Instead of using individual packaging for each product, a single sleeve can hold multiple units. This reduces material costs and simplifies the packaging process, leading to potential cost savings for manufacturers.

Branding and marketing opportunities
The larger surface area of multipack sleeves offers ample space for branding, promotional messages, and product information. Manufacturers can utilize this space to enhance brand visibility, communicate key product features, and engage consumers through creative designs and graphics.

Tamper-evident and protective packaging: Multipack sleeves can incorporate tamper-evident features, such as perforations or tear strips, ensuring product integrity and safety. They can also provide an additional layer of protection against damage during transportation and handling.

Sustainability benefits
In recent years, there has been a growing emphasis on sustainable packaging solutions. The compact nature of multipack sleeves reduces packaging waste compared to individual product packaging.

Consumer convenience
Multipack sleeves make it easier for consumers to purchase and carry multiple products together. They provide a neat and organized way to transport items, promoting convenience and ease of use for consumers.

Shelf space optimization
Retailers can benefit from multipack sleeves as they optimize shelf space by allowing multiple products to be displayed and stocked together. This helps streamline inventory management and facilitates efficient stocking and restocking processes.

Customization and flexibility
Multipack sleeves offer flexibility in terms of design and customization. Manufacturers can create sleeves of different sizes, shapes, and configurations to accommodate various product combinations. This versatility allows for tailored packaging solutions that meet specific product requirements.


– 2×1 pack
– 94 mm bottle diameter
– 45 micron (thickness of film used for shrink-wrapping)
– 80 micron (thickness of film used by Multipack)
– 115 mm Sleeve hight

Shrink wrapping needs 10,7 g of film
Multipack needs 4,36 g of film

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