Rotkaeppchen 1856

Rotkäppchen 1856 – An Extraordinary Label Pushing Boundaries

The Rotkäppchen 1856 is a special sparkling wine and homage to the founders: the brothers Moritz and Julius Kloss and their friend Carl Foerster. Three friends, one vision and a little bit of courage – the rest is history.

Of course, such a product needs an extraordinary label. Rotkäppchen-Mumm’s goal was to put a spotlight on the crown to achieve an absolutely eye-catching label! To make sure it really stands out, no paper and no foil should be in its background. In order to achieve this the die-cut needed to be super precise. To realise the vision of the customer CCL Label Trittenheim has developed a special technique that ensures 100% precision, enabling the intricate die-cut of elements less than a millimeter wide. And thus, pushed the boundaries of what is possible!

No wonder the label won the Innovation Award at this years’ Pack & Spirit in Reims with an unanimous vote from the jury!

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