Perfect recyclability – PET bottle with Ecofloat Shrink Sleeve

This truly makes children’s eyes shine: In the future, the “Cool Three” children’s drinks will not only present themselves from their best side in terms of design. The packaging has been re-thought…and now offers perfect recyclability utilizing the new, functional label material “EcoFloat” from CCL Label made of floatable polyolefin. This enables the underlying PET bottle to be completely recycled.

Labels and sleeves play a major role in the recycling of PET bottles. They must come off with as little residue as possible and “float on top” in the most important PET recycling step, the so-called sink/float process, while the heavier PET flakes sink to the bottom of the basin. Clean separation is a must for high-quality recycled PET that can be reused for bottles – thus closing the cycle and working towards a circular economy.

Watch our product video to get more information on our recycling-friendly sleeve solution:

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