CCL Multipack Label Product Selection

A Bundle of Benefits:

CCL’s Multipack Label Wins Korea Star Award

Miri Kim with teammate Young
Ko presenting the award

Miri Kim, NPD leader of CCL Korea, and her team developed a bundle label that not only enables products to be joint together as an attractive multipack – it helps save thousands of tons material per year.

The multipack label was developed to replace plastic bags previously used for bundling which are now prohibited by new regulations passed by the Korean government.

Sales of bundled products are continuously increasing while bans on repackaging are being enforced in many countries. More efficient and sustainable options are required and the team at CCL Label Korea came up with a solution that caters to both needs.

The solution by CCL was honoured at the Korea Star Awards 2021 organised by the Korea Institute of Technology and Ministry of Trade, Industries & Energy.

Up to 85% Material Saved

Depending on the design the patented label solution can reduce material usage by up to 85%! Besides significantly decreasing the amounts of resources used they also save costs and improve recycling.

The winners of the Korea Star Awards 2021 during Korea Pack Special exhibition

The labels can easily be removed and recycling rates are maximised even further when using heterogeneous materials for the whole product packaging.

Various shapes and groups of perforation lines make this solution a perfect fit for all kinds of product bundles. Application is possible at high speeds increasing production efficiency.

Thanks to non-adhesive tabs and peelable label parts it’s consumer-friendly and with up to 10 colours and special printing technologies they become an additional marketing tool and offer space for brand messaging!

3rd June 2021

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