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Functional Sleeves

CCL’s Innovative and Functional Labels can serve many purposes. Make your life easier: Let CCL handle your package challenges.  The Creative and Technical Innovation Team works together to develop solutions that both enhance and simplify the functionality of your product or packaging.

Tamper Evident Sleeve Example

Tamper Evident Sleeve

Current surveys show that the need for safe, hygienic food packaging has risen due to Corona. The protection of products and brands is becoming more and more important. Tamper Evident Shrink Sleeves offer 100% product protection and guarantee the consumer a tamper evidence safety pack.


  • Prevents unintentional opening during transport
  • Offers consumers tamper-evident guarantee
  • Manipulation protection
  • Pollution protection


  • Available unprinted or printed
  • Perforation
  • Tear strip possible
  • Promotion opportunities
  • Chopped for hand application or on reel
  • Flexible, fast delivery

Multipack Sleeves

Multipack Sleeves combine two or more products. Can be used for classic 1+1 campaigns or product sampling.

Multipack Example


  • High-quality, flexible decoration to combine products
  • Added-Value through additional advertising space
  • 1+1 campaigns or product sampling
  • Flexible, fast delivery
  • Unprinted or printed
  • Delivery chopped or on reel

We solve labeling challenges! Contact us to discover all our innovations and solutions for your product!


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