Iconic Look Enhanced with WashOff Technology

Coca-Cola strongly values its heritage and keeps the focus on the iconic bottle design & shape!

WashOff labels enables Coca-Cola to stay true to the original look while enhancing:

  • Application
  • Performance
  • Circularity & Sustainability

Brands already using WashOff technology:

About WashOff

WashOff Labels Enable Returnable Systems

When glass bottles are returned, they are washed and prepared for re-filling. To enable this process, it is crucial that the labels detach easily in the washing process to save energy. The labels are thoroughly constructed and engineered to detach at standard operating temperatures. Ink and adhesive stay on the labels, guaranteeing the washing solution won’t be contaminated thus reducing the use of water and chemicals.


Solution for refPET

By applying the Low Temperature WashOff label to their refPET range, brands can benefit from the same advantages that the WashOff technology has enabled for returnable glass bottles ever since its development by CCL and its first commercialisation in 2007. 

Learn more about our Sustainable Label Family and how it can support you reach your goals!

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