Islena Beer of Ibiza|Fluorescent varnish island beer|
Islena Bottles
Technology: offset printing

Effect: fluorescence varnish

2nd August 2021

Isleña Beer Summer Edition Illuminates Clubs & Bars

Summer is here and Global Premium Brands launched a limited edition of their Isleña brand with fluorescent varnish for the club and event scene in Ibiza in 2021.

Isleña Beer is much more than a beer from the island of #Ibiza. It’s a mixture of spirit and style, including freedom and tolerance! A unique experience…

We all know that Isleña beer is not actually made in Ibiza, but the barley is grown on the island and as the slogan says, Isleña is the beer of Ibiza.

The high-quality design of the bottle meets Ibiza’s unique charm and makes Isleña an eye-catcher on every shelf.

For the new summer edition Global Premium Brands and CCL worked together to create a unique and first-class brand decoration that glows under UV light. A Shrink sleeve with neon light effects reflects the Ibiza club scene and captures the attention of club visitors. The Shrink Sleeves were produced with offset printing technology at CCL Label Hohenems/Austria.

The bottle and the design determine the image of Isleña. There are messages from Ibiza that are supposed to convey the uniqueness of this island with every single bottle.

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