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A Perfect Bundle – PSL & Sleeve Multipack Solutions for Maximum Flexibility and Resource Efficiency

There Are Things That Belong Together

Multipacks combine two or more products while guaranteeing convenience for the consumer as well as optimised material use and on-shelf impact. Benefit from this added value to drive sales!

Twinpack, Fourpack or Sixpack – using a fitting multipack solution does not only enable more flexibility – it also helps save material! Reduce the carbon footprint of the overall packaging by choosing a tailored PSL or Sleeve solution.Whether the goal is to bundle multiple packs of the same product or promote a new launch by combining it with a beloved classic – multipacks offer a cost-effective and sustainable way to make it happen. Besides they can offer branding and marketing opportunities, tamper-evidence and product protection.

Multifunctional and individually tailored to your needs these multipacks will provide convenience for consumers and retailers while maintaining the brand image, setting the product apart!

Success Story: Snack-A-Jacks

Previously the five portion packs were sold inside a larger bag. By switching to the new PSL multipack label around the packets PepsiCo saves 86% material.

But an improved resource efficiency isn’t the only advantage: since label and the individual packets are made from the same material they can be recycled together as well!

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